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"A passion for aviation, a lot of commitment and a look at the future made the Avionics Services the largest avionics projects in Brazil"

Ten years before the company was founded, the friends João Vernini and Antonio José worked together on big aviation companies in aviation and always saw a great business opportunity. There were no national companies working exclusively with avionics equipments. They started working in parallel to their main jobs developing projects and installing these equipments in small local aircrafts. At that time, they were invited to design and install all electrical and electronic components of a private small airplane that in a few months later would cross the ocean from Recife to Dakar. After the success of this work, they were called for new projects and challenges.

The sector's growth and demand for avionics projects pushed them to take an important step, and in January 1996, the Avionics Services was officially founded. Initially, the company had only three employees: the two partners and an engineer. That time was good as it coincided with the arrival of GPS in Brazil and Avionics work was mainly set to the certification of these equipments. At the same time, they got the RBHA 145 Standard F1 approval, certification for aircraft maintenance companies. Also in 1996, they signed the first contract to repair and install new avionics components on FAB (Brazilian Air Force) helicopters.

Between 1997 and 2000, Avionics Services began operating in new markets, starting to represent different brands of avionics equipment, such as Trimble (GPS). With Trimble, Avionics started working with agriculture, adding to the portfolio of services installation of diferencial GPS on aircrafts for that aplication. On the following years, Avionics Services worked strongly on installing and certifying avionics projects. In 2000, Avionics signed a contract with Embraer to install audio, video, phone and PC Power systems in new aircrafts manufactured by them.

Currently, Avionics Services is a global company, active in the European, American, South and North American, Middle East and other markets. Today Avionics count with more than 85 employees, including technicians and engineers, and its structure divided into engineering certifications, services, and development of new products. The company is able to develop any kind project, from design to installation and certification of avionics systems for any kind of customer or aircraft. Due to the owner's extensive experience and a highly qualified technical staff, Avionics Services is the only company in Brazil that performs several technical inspections on aircrafts by ANAC (National Agency of Civil Aviation) request.