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Integrated Static Inverter


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Integrated Static Inverter

In use on Embraer Phenom 100 and 300

The Integrated Static Inverter is a device that converts the aircraft's 28VDC voltage to 110VAC 60Hz, ideal for using in laptops or other electronic equipment, compatible with any outlet and it is possible to achieve up to 8 simultaneous connections. The equipment does not require operational checks (defects are detected during the pre-flight).

Designed to provide in addition to high performance, the equipment has some safety items, such as GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) a circuit that automatically shuts down the energy in case a person accidentally touch the contacts of the outlet, preventing electric shock and as protection for power to be provided only when the three pins are properly plugged into the outlet. It also has a protection against low and high voltage, over current and temperature, where the equipment turns off and back to work only when the problem is solved.

The Avionics Services has developed models for the jets Phenom 100 and 300, and Ipanema from Embraer, and also customize their equipment to fit other aircraft models.

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In use on Embraer Ipanema