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Video Surveillance System


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Video Surveillance System


The monitoring system developed by the Avionics Services, Video Surveillance System, allows the crew to monitor the passengers and their activities directly from the cockpit.

Formed by the video display (VSS) and cameras, the system works in any kind of luminosity, and even in the lack of light (the dark). It has a switch selector that allows you to configure it in the most convenient way. There are several positions that allow the choice of a specific camera or in AUTO mode, where the images are alternated between the cameras every 15 seconds.

With a connection interface with Reinforced Cockpit Door Control System, a control system of the cockpit door, also developed by Avionics Services, which prevents the access of unauthorized persons to the location, form a complete system that ensures the passengres and crew safety during flight. When someone press on crew panel to ask permission to enter into the cabin, the image from camera installed in the door is shown on the screen, even if the selector switch is in another position or even off.


In case you need to integrate our Video Surveillance System with an existent display in the aircraft, you can use our Video Surveillance System Control Unit (VSSCU). This unit allows you to have the same functions as the VSS Display using with your own display.

The Video Surveillance System can be customized, and is also used with compatible control panels available on the market.