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Reinforced Cockpit Door System


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Reinforced Cockpit Door System

In use on Embraer EMB-170 and EMB-190

Responsible for controlling the Cockpit Door, the Reinforced Cockpit Door System, restricts people's access to the cabin. World aviation authorities recommend the use of a safety equipment to prevent access by unauthorized people into the cabin as a way to prevent and ensure the crew and passengers safety during flight.

The safety equipment developed by the Avionics Services complies to all FAA FAR 25-772(c) requirements. The system is composed of an electro mechanical lock and latch, made of aluminum 7075, in compliance  with the standard FAR/JAR 25,795 (a) (1), and supports a pressure of 250lbs and traction of 255daN. The Cockpit Control Panel and a Crew Control Panel are also part of the Reinforced Cockpit Door System.

With interface with the Video Surveillance System, a security system wich will show the person who is asking to enter at the cabin, regardless of light or if the equipment is off, making it a security system even more complete.