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LED Mood Light


Datasheet & Specifications

LED Mood Light

Thinking about comfort and efficiency for controlling the interior lighting of the aircraft, the Avionics Services, developed the LED Mood Light, which allows complete control of the lighting functions with just one touch. With it you can create different scenes during boarding, flight and landing, providing, as well as beauty and functionality, reducing the negative effects of the jet lag.

The equipment uses the technology of LED's and has more than 16 million colors * and you can combine them, setting the intensity and brightness. There are six memory positions that allow you to program different lighting sequences for any time of the flight. Through the display you can control all functions such as speed, rotation, fusion or gradual change of colors. The reconfiguration of LED Mood Light is quick and easy, taking just 30 seconds. Totally compact and lightweight, provides economy by reducing energy consumption.

The Avionics Services has developed the LED Mood Light with capacity to attend all types of aircraft.

Our system now comes with a Touch-Screen LCD control panel, wich basic controls all interior environment, including mood-lighting, sounds, flight-information, etc. The system can be customized as per aircraft configuration or customer request.

To easily customize your mood lighting experience, you can preset colors in your computer and update using a USB interface. After that, your pre-selected colors will be shown on the display and you can select each at your wish. You can also use this USB interface to update your controller software.

Below, there are some pictures of an installation of our LED Mood Light System in a Agusta AW139. This Helicopter operates in Abu-Dahbi and it was installed to provide a more conformtable environment and flight for the passengers.