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Product Development

Product Development

Due to the experience with the approval and certification systems in civil and military aircraft, the Avionics Services has become able to develop equipment for aeronautical use, regard to any client's needs. Its product line consists of a system of lighting (LED), security, control of the functions of the aircraft, audio and entertainment. All machines are developed through rigorous tests conducted by INPE (National Institute for Space Research), and fit all the requirements of the DO 160 of RTCA.

The company has an exclusive team of engineers to develop new products or customize them according to the need of utilization. The equipment of Avionics Services operates in conjunction with a software owned by the company, optimizing the processes involved in their installation and maintenance. Several tests are applied to ensure that the product works normally, without suffering or providing external interference in other equipment, drastic changes in temperature and voltage, and after an impact or vibration of the aircraft.

Thanks to the flexibility on manufacturing equipments that attends any project, the company works in partnership with Embraer in the development of products for their aircraft, such as:

- Security system to the cockpit door (EMB 170/190);

- System monitoring of passenger cabins.

Other products of Avionics Line:


- Panel of individual audio control (DPECU)

- Integration of audio and video of the aircraft (VSCU, SEEB, MUX)

Lighting - LED (larger efficiency, lower consumption, cost and weight of the equipment)

- Luminous notices as fasten seat Belts / No Smoking / Return to your seat

- Emergency Lights external and internal

- Luminous notices Emergency exit

- Corridor Lights / Cab / lavatory / Galley

- Mood Lights (Dream, Sunset Lights)